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Blanks by Amber

Custom HTV Transfers

Custom HTV Transfers

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                                  HTV PRINTOUTS TRANSFER SHEETS

Watermark will not be on the transfers

  • You will receive HTV Printout ready to be pressed, mask is already placed.
  • This print is printed on PRINTABLE HEAT TRANSFER VINYL
  • Please ensure your HTV Printout sizing is correctly chosen upon purchase, standard size is 10" wide (use by most), 11" wide are perfect for desire large images or bigger shirts, and 8" are perfect for kids shirts. 
  • HTV Printouts are based on width.
  • HTV Printout is recommended to be press on with a HEAT PRESS. We do not recommend using iron.
  • Not responsible for any damage HTV prints caused by incorrect handling pressing.
  • Semi-gloss finish
  • Don’t spray chemicals on transfers


Washing Instructions:

  • Wash inside out
  • Machine wash on Cold
  • Do not Dry Clean
  • Do not BLEACH
  • Do not IRON
  • Softener not recommended
  • Wait 24 hour after press to wash
  • Low Dry


* Preheat Press to 320°

* Remove paper backing gently from your HTV Print

Remove any lint from your T-Shirt with a with lint roller

Place your HTV Print design onto shirt, sticky area touches shirt

Cover design completely with Teflon sheet or parchment paper

Press with medium pressure for 15 seconds

Wait 5 seconds and peel warm

* Seal press design 10-15 seconds placing Teflon sheet on top or parchment paper

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

I have gotten lots of ecosolvent transfers and they are absolutely great! I definitely will be using for future projects 😁

Love them ❤️

My customers were in love with their shirts/hoodies etc. I loved the transfers and will be purchasing more!!!!!

Tanita Register
Amazing Work

Thank you Amber , for all of my orders. I have purchased the ink, the transfer, classes and so much more. I can say , your process has been amazing. Fast shipping and friendly customer service.

eco Solvent

Thank you Amber I have order from you always have made the process easy the color are so vibrant not an time fast delivery easy instructions
Thanks you

30 Day Incomplete

In my discussion with Amber starting Oct 21, prior to placing my order, I informed her of that my designs/tranfers were for HS football senior sweatshirts (front, back & sleeve), I also told her the designs (I made in PS) needed to be properly sized. She viewed the designs, agreed to make the transfers and communicated with me when she had an issue with the color; in the end she assured me she could/would make the adjustments and complete my order. I paid what she charged me on 10/26 needless to say she did not finish the order for when I initially needed it (& I was ok with that) so I extended the due date a month, although again the order had not been completed she assured me she would be sending out my order within the week. On Dec 8th I inquired about the shipping of my order because time was running out, she informs me that she has to cancel my order; distraught and as understanding as I could be I try to find a way to salvage what I was told was a mostly completed order, despite some mishaps. On December 10th she gave me unusable transfers (wrong color & improperly sized) for 7 out of the 28 sweatshirts I needed to press and I realized not ONLY did she LIE to me about what she did, she sat on my order for an entire month and then wanted to complain about how she under charged me telling me now that a refund was an option....... NEVER AGAIN WILL I TRUST HER BECAUSE SHE LIED, COST ME UNNECESSARY STRESS AS WELL AS MONEY $$$$$, when all she had to do was communicate honestly and in a timely fashion. I'm new to sublimation & DTF and I thought I was dealing with a professional. Sooooo Disappointed!!!!